BASILISK / Franco Ariaudo

- pop-up exhibition, curator

The Naked Room, Kiyv

05.07.2019 — 07.07.2019

The project BASILISK or How to run on water by Franco Ariaudo is inserted in the wider investigation that the artist has conducted on some scenarios of the possible and on the influence that they can have on our perception of reality or on that we assume to be possible.

Through a series of sketches and actions developed since the 2017 during a residence in the island of Biruchiy, dipped in the suggestive landscape of the Sea of Azov, the project has initially taken the form of a book (published by Viaindustriae, 2018), that has explored under multidisciplinary points of view the practice of the run on water and its motivational potentialities in front of the challenges that the human being must face.

The display proposed at The Naked Room is an extension of this research in the format of a pop-up exhibition. Beginning from a (re) teo-philosophical reading that the act of walking on water occupies in the western symbology and imagination, the project moves toward other domains, closer to more actual anthropological and socio-cultural worries. Which are the necessary ideal conditions for facing the challenge of the run on water? Which are the physical and spiritual strengths that must be implemented, and which are the prerequisites that would allow a person to run on water? And above all, how can we change our point of view on reality and start to imagine something impossible as possible?

Starting from a para-scientific register, the project BASILISK lays the foundations for the theory and the practice of the run on water, in which the notion of the magic and of the miraculous cohabits with a competitive and pragmatic vision, reflecting some contradictions of the contemporary society.