Brilla Brilla e Scompari / Alan Stefanato

exhibition, curator 

Lateral Roma 

23.05. — 13.06.2024

Alan Stefanato’s practice is the result of an autodidact path, characterized by the expressiveness of the technique, the centrality of the pictorial sign, and its gradual dissolution. The exhibition highlights the synthesis of the various languages the artist uses, such as painting, sculpture, and writing. The exhibition introduces a new assemblage of works contained in suitcases. Portable and free of the constraints imposed by a definitive exhibition format, these works emphasize the ephemeral and itinerant nature of the exhibition. Both object and subject, the suitcase not only physically transports the painting, but also preserves it intimately.

The suggestion of the journey, as a tangible path and mental experience, is enhanced by a narrative dimension embodied in the series of poems written by the artist, which accentuate the tension between reality and fiction. Inspired by the names of the paintings in the exhibition, such as “Shine Shine and Vanish”, “A Race Against Time”, “Ghost Salad” and others, the small stories-anecdotes are gateways to a universe of fragments and suggestions that unfold through visions and associations, painting a picture of daily life permeated by an erratic, at times melancholy, sense. Each work is nourished by a rich mosaic of references and feelings evoked by the wandering experience, weaving a narrative that transforms painting into a form of visual storytelling.

Photography by Tiziano Ercoli