FVDSFL / Maurizio Cilli
- performance in public space (curator)

Lucento, Torino 

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A live performance by Maurizio Cilli that in its sudden and transitory consistence crosses the courtyards and is configured with the characters of a passage that evokes the emotional states of a ritual procession. At the center is the reconstruction of a collective memory from which to start again and to be celebrated with an artistic performance in the courtyards of the two residential complexes, with the involvement of the realities active in the area today. The intention is to determine the "sculptural" conditions of an unplanned "tableau vivant," capable of awakening the desire to refound an active representation of the community.

The artist experiences a live collective experience to be imprinted and preserved in the consciousness of affective memory. The work takes on the appearance of an evocative ritual performance. This experiment is called Momentary Place and it traverses courtyards evoking the emotional states of a ritual procession. Involved in the action are the Salus Musical Band conducted by Maestro Massimo Sanfilippo, active in the area since 1946, and soprano voice Fé Avouglan.