Faccio colazione, mi cambio ed esco

- exhibition, co-curator; together with Veronica Mazzucco

artists: Apparatus 22, Hannes Egger, Cose Cosmiche, Stefano Fiorina Associazione  Barriera, Turin

07.04.2017 – 28.04.2017

Faccio colazione, mi cambio ed esco (I have breakfast, change and go out) was a four-step exhibition where we imagined the space of Barriera as a person to whom a series of “therapeutic” interventions should be proposed in order to stimulate the institution's vital senses. With this willful assumption in mind, the artists Apparatus22, Hannes Egger, Cose Cosmiche, Stefano Fiorina were asked to conceive four site-specific interventions developed special for this project that in a period of 4 weeks would revitalize it. They have been defined through four keywords: Identity/ies, Body, World, Dreams which were a means to articulate the strands of the project and highlight the aspects of the space as an individual through which the artists planned to operate. These were presented one after another, layered onto each other with the passing of each consecutive 7 days, until the end of the project that marked the completion of institutional therapy and the unfolding of the exhibition as a formed whole.

The path of “institutional therapy” started with a focus drawn by Apparatus 22 on Barriera’s multifaceted Identity/ies, whose private dimension, symbolized by the art storage belonging to the partners, and public dimension, defined by the institution’s attempt to confront its neighborhood, are now re-discussed and re-laid in a new balance. The three canvases from the REPOSITORY & LOVE series are like dense and laconic glances on Barriera’s art storage. They are outlined through the compositional code of the still life, an artistic genre that Apparatus 22 subversively rethought through the use of words. The Riddle, Appetite and For Years are like open windows onto the storage site of Barriera, where the written words imprinted onto it are further messages that the viewer must decrypt. Laying on the crates picked up by the storage, there were the same canvases on posters that people could take with itself, releasing Barriera’s artworks from their hyperprotective vault and turning them into a share good.

The second action, made by Hannes Egger on Barriera’s Body, turned the opening of the exhibition into a collective performance inside the exhibition space. A voice-over personally addressed every single spectator through the headphones given at the entrance. The work aimed to create a direct interaction between the space and the body of the visitor, who was asked to embrace a dynamic and performative role rather than a static and contemplative one.

Conferenza Passeggiando (Walking Conference), curated by Cose Cosmiche, was the third action of the “therapeutical” path of Faccio colazione, mi cambio ed esco. Through this action Barriera started a projected movement to the World, spilling over the physical limit of the exhibition space and expanding into the neighborhood.  Intellectuals from the scientific, historical and artistic spheres followed one another in conducting a conference by walking through the streets of the neighborhood, crossing underwater equipment, gardens, theaters and playing with chemical bonds on the billiard table of the historic “Anatra Zoppa” club. Tangible data and imaginary elements found an unexpected match through this both immersive and dispersive device.

Stefano Fiorina’s action took place during the same day as Faccio colazione, mi cambio ed esco ends, although it began to take shape well before this date. Throughout April, the artist conducted a continuous dialogue and interaction with the residents of the neighborhood, personally inviting them to the Mirror Project Party, a free event that takes place in Barriera and is open to all. The Mirror Project Party, overlapped with the closing of the exhibition, although it declared its actual “opening” as the only time that it could be considered as “set up” in its entirety. This last action, identified by the keyword Dreams, was conceived as a moment of extreme openness and sharing of the space among artists, curators, Barriera’s partners and people living in Barriera.

Photography by Stefano Fiorina

interview on ATPdiary (IT)