- residency program, curator 

Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan 

May 2020 - April 2023 

Supported by the Municipality of Milan and sponsored by Vera Lab

project manager: Antonella Prasse

HOW YOU DARE? is the residency program which took place from May 2022 to April 2023 at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. The project, supported by the City of Milan and sponsored by VeraLab, was born in order to offer professional and moral support to the artists affected by the war in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. Through the creation of a relational and productive context, the residency program therefore has a goal to help to overcome the trauma of war and its consequences: participation in military conflict, forced emigration, interruption of family connections and friendships.

The artists who took part in the residency are: Alina Kleytman, Katya Kopeikina, Vlad Plisetskiy, Alyona Ivanova, Daria Veshtak, BOJI and Kvirtet Collective, who in their research draw on different artistic languages: from painting to digital art, from video to sculpture, from music to performance. 

The title HOW YOU DARE? refers to the context of the social, political and military crisis that Ukraine is going through. With a bit of provocation, the question invites us to reflect on personal and collective responsibility towards the events of daily news. In an act of self-interrogation, the participants of the residency put at the center of issues such as personal self-determination, the privilege and role of art versus social change. In the world we live in today - dominated by political-military crises and social inequalities, as well as by the danger of an environmental catastrophe - "How you dare?" becomes a question almost of denunciation to which each of us is called to respond every single day.

The final exhibition ROLLING REFUGEE HOME MUSEUM ON WHEELS encloses and completes the entire experience of the residency by incorporating one of its main characteristics: the indissoluble unity between the methods of production of artworks and their display. The new body of the works - sculptures, paintings and garments – produced by the artists Alina Kleytman, Katya Kopeikina and Vladislav Plisetskiy were presented in the frame of a dynamic exhibition, a set-up which was constantly changing and expanding during all the time through a series of performative events happening occasionally in the space, as a way to celebrate the multiplicity of practices and poetics presented in the show.

Starting from the concepts of “home” and “nomadism” as topics inextricably related to the practical and existential concerns that artists are still experiencing by due their refugee status, ROLLING REFUGEE HOME MUSEUM deals with the situation of extreme precarity very directly, by producing easy-to-transport objects on wheels: their poetical gesture which relates and at the same time reflects on the current existential and living condition.

Photography by Gabriele Abbruzzese 

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