Indemostrable / Ivan Svetlychnyi and Vitaliy Kokhan

- exhibition, curator

In primo luogo (part of the Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art), Turin

20 November, 2014

This exhibition which took place in the courtyard of the gallery space “In primo luogo” was conceived as a final project of three-weeks residency that we have made at Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto with Ukrainian artists Ivan Svetlychnyi and Vitaliy Kokhan. Without claiming to be a completed exhibition, the project consists of a video-sound installation and a series of objects displayed the process of collective reflection on the experience of the collective residency.

The objects of Vitalii Kokhan were born in response to his unconscious desire to "speak with stones". This action, expressed through performative manipulations with material, is presented through a museological display, placing the viewer in front of a wide range of perceptive and interpretative possibilities. Ivan Svetlichny's project develops from a reflection on the sublime nature. The artist has made a video of the Cervo river in Biella after several days of heavy rain. Svetlichny combined these images with a sound track he had previously recorded in Ukraine. The result is a weird, glitched effect, determined both by the audiovisual interferences and by the incongruence of the parts that compose it.

Photography by Ivan Svetlychnyi