- screening, curator

Associazione Barriera, Turin

March 9, 2018

First italian screening by METASITU  curated in my private apartment. Powered by Barriera, this event was an occasion to analyze it’s public nature as an institution in an intimate dimension, starting from the condominium where this non-profit association is based. Barriera's space becomes the portal for a journey to discover physical and affective connections through a temporary metamorphosis from its usual state of final destination for the public to the place of transition, from a goal to means. Such overturning underlines the role of METASITU's works as a reflection on inhabiting the urban territories today. Their artistic practice is characterized by the ambiguous relationship with the turbocapitalism dynamics of globalization, introduced the public in a web of endless transnational networks, both physical and virtual, stimulating a perception of the world as a single urban fabric where everything is connected.

Photohraphy by Cristina Leoncini