SERAPHITA / Gianni Ferrero Merlino
- exhibition, curator

Spazio De Dominicis, Turin

09.09.2021 ― 14.11.2021

I turn soft as water, I mingle with the images I see, I fly together with an enveloped aerial form, enveloping me, happy to be vague, to live at the limit of the visible and the invisible.

Séraphita intends to find correspondence between natural elements and the sense of sight, translating all the visible into air and water.

According to the thesis that when we dream we submit to the vegetative life of the water element, this artwork intends to explore the round and folded space of sleep as a place where the sight is subject to the dynamics of envelopment.

A dehiscent space that opens in every direction, welcoming the infinite possibilities of all forms yet to be created.

The artwork intends to experience the action of entering the water as reflexes do, using transparency to creep into the visible.

Séraphita is an ethereal, pure figure that penetrates everything; her faculties are internal, she does not know but remembers, guessing the past and the future.