Topographic survey of Ukrainian socio-cultural landscape: description cards for the European cultural agents

- text, co-author; together with Anton Lapov

published in “Let Us Say this again, Opaquely”edited by Alessandro Castiglioni and Simone FrangiPostmedia Books, 2017 (ENG)

This text was written for the book “Let Us Say this again, Opaquely” which represents a possible perspective on contemporary cultural research in the intersection between art practice and geopolitical issues made in frame of transnational research program A Natural Oasis? Transnational Research Program (2016–2017, San Marino-Montenegro-Kosovo-Malta). The project is a nomadic free school dedicated to the development of new curatorial research paths in the field of contemporary visual and performing arts starting from the geopolitical peculiarities of the artistic scenes of San Marino, Montenegro, Kosovo and Malta.

Our contribution is an attempt of “a topographic survey” of Ukrainian socio-cultural landscape focused on some relevant issues for this territory which has emerged in relationship to the experience of the program: ambivalent connection between “documentarism” and “ethnographism”; search for cultural identity vs self-exoticization; institutional mimicry to the beat of cultural globalization; hybridity of post-colonial subject ; artistic practices and their circulation against the background of a grave political crisis. This text aims to develop knowledge of itself and own subjectness, with the sincere discourse and internal energy seen not only and no so much as a strategy of physical and symbolic resistance (negative model) but rather as a re-existence experience in which the tendency towards slavish imitation of the Center is replaced with subversive borrowing of its own strategies and techniques.