Warm Till I Burn / Paolo Peroni

- exhibition, curator

Associazione Barriera, Turin  

30.01.2019 — 07.03.2020

The project started out from the research on the metamorphic process of matter, its multiple expressive and metaphorical possibilities, besides the pure pleasure of manipulating things until they do not find their own form. The intervention is configured as an immersive sound experience, full of suggestions which are balancing between abstract and figurative. Its signs are configured as poetic gestures in the space animated by alienating presences. The D-I-Y approach to sculpture meets a particular form of display here and the works are suspended in semiotic ambiguity, based on visual contradiction and perceptual manipulations. Thermal alteration is part of the artist's practice, who in his work explores the forces implemented by organic and artificial processes, whose charge and inner energy, in some ways disturbing, reflects his meticulous interest in the tangible dimension of things and for those unknown territories of the environmental reality we are immersed in. The seductive and repellent nature of the heat suggests a sensual reading of the work, reflectingan anatomy of desire that manifests itself in the material of the objects.

Photography by Cristina Leonici