Why Me? / Pietro Agostoni 

Featuring Biagio Palmieri, Heith and Fictitious Graffiti Krew (Šimon Sýkora, Junwoo Park, Samy Boudol, Paul Bizkargüenaga)

- exhibition, curator

Associazione Barriera, Turin

17.9.21 — 23.10.21

After “Ops”, his 2018 solo show, Pietro Agostoni is back in Turin with “Why Me?”. Tailored to the spaces of Associazione Barriera, the exhibition consists of a corpus of artworks on paper, photographs, sculptures and installations that show the propagation and ramification of the artist’s research.

The work is part of a dialogue that has been going on for some years between the artist and the space and that has been strengthened in the last month and a half as a result of their close coexistence.

The exhibition combines poor, organic and dried materials and elements collected in the artist’s studio and during the time he spent in Turin.

The care with which these intricate wefts of remnants and relics are woven together reveals a fascination for detail and for the submission of matter to time and gravity. The display of a deterioration that becomes transformation and the artist’s almost ceremonial modus operandi redefine the space as a sacred place.

This profane sacredness is recalled by the project Fictitious Graffiti Krew, the result of a field research into the austerity of architecture conducted together with Biagio Palmieri and with the contributions of some selected artists: Šimon Sýkora, Junwoo Park, Samy Boudol and Paul Bizkargüenaga. A collaborative and immersive approach that will recur during the opening, with a music ritual performed by Heith.

Photography by Gabriele Abbruzzese

photo-documentation on TZVETNIK